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Cindi McMenamin
author & speaker

For 10 years I have relied on Jenn's expertise as my web designer and, more recently, as my marketing consultant. She is creative, efficient, highly-skilled, and always cutting edge.

My Expertise

By day, I am the Web Manager & Creative Director for the Allegheny County Division of Computer Services. Within this newly-created position, I am charged with determining the best methods for Allegheny County to visually represent - and maintain - its brand online.

By night, I work as a freelance designer and marketing consultant, helping organizations of all sizes implement successful designs and branding strategies.

What do I love most about my work? First, I love the act of creating. Of making something fresh, professional, and modern. But I also enjoy being the bridge between a company and its target market. Specifically, learning about their unique goals and, using the tools of my trade, devising solutions that get the job done.